Titanium Grade 2 & Grade 7 Welded Tube

World Titanium selection of Titanium Welded Tube

Please find World Titanium selection of available Grade 2 and Grade 7 Titanium Welded Tube products below. Offered at our worldwide locations.

Titanium Welded Tube sizes Weight is in pounds based on density of 0.163 lbs/cubic inch. Dimensional tolerances to ASME B36.19M and ASME B36.10M – *ASME B36.19 wall thickness does not conform to ASME B36.10M.

Titanium Welded Tube wall thickness listed is nominal wall thickness. Sch-10S and Sch-10 do not permit threading in accordance with ASME B1.20.1.

Titanium Welded Tube Size Range: Min OD: 0.500″/12.70 mm | Max OD: 3.000″/76.20 mm

Titanium Welded Tube
Grade 2 CP 3 Welded Tube | UNS R50400 Grade 7 Welded Tube | UNS R52400
  • ASTM B338 Gr 2
  • ASME SB338 Gr 2
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