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World Titanium selection of Titanium Sheet offered at locations worldwide. Titanium sheet is employed in many applications across aerospace, medical, industrial, and oil and gas industries. Selected for its unique combination of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility, and higher temperature performance. If you’re looking for a near-net-shape blank or a particular grain direction, please contact us today.

Titanium Sheet Size Range: Min thickness: 0.012″/0.3048 mm | Max thickness: 0.160″/4.064 mm

Titanium Sheet Grade 2: Due to Grade 2 Titanium being 99% pure, this material is more corrosion resistant than 6Al-4V Grade 5, but not as strong as Grade 9 Titanium. Grade 2 demonstrates good formability, weldability, and is commonly used in chemical processing equipment, marine applications, oil refining, heat exchangers and surface condensers, and many similar applications.

Titanium Grade 2 Technical Information

Titanium Sheet Grade 3: Titanium Grade 3 is commercially pure (CP) and is a general purpose grade of the CP grades. Titanium sheet grade 3 demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance in mildly reducing environments to highly oxidizing applications. Due to this materials excellent strength to weight ratio, Titanium sheet grade 3 has the highest allowable design stress amongst ASME standards amongst CP grades. Grade 3 also shows good impact properties at low temperatures, can be machined, cold or hot worked, welded, and cast. Because of these favorable characteristics, Titanium Sheet Grade 3 is often used in Aerospace structures, chemical processing, medical applications, and in the marine industry.

Titanium Grade 3 Technical Information

Titanium Sheet Grade 4: Titanium Grade 4 is commercially pure (Cp) and therefore, unalloyed. Grade 4 is the strongest of the Titanium CP grades and has the highest allowable oxygen and iron content. This material demonstrates excellent resistance to corrosion and corrosion fatigue. Titanium Grade 4 sheet is known for good formability and weldability, which is why applications are often seen in the aerospace, chemical, medical, and marine industries. Often utilized in hydraulic and instrumentation tubing. marine and airframe applications, cryogenic vessels, heat exchangers and surface condensers, and similar environments.

Titanium Grade 4 Technical Information

Titanium Sheet 6Al-4V Grade 5: Titanium 6Al-4V Grade 5 is an alpha-beta alloy and is the most widely used of all Titanium alloys. Developed for its light-weight and high strength characteristics, the material was ideal for structural aerospace applications. In recent years, Titanium Grade 5 Sheet has been utilized extensively in the Oil & Gas industries because of the aforementioned traits and inherent corrosion resistance. Roughly half the density of nickel and stainless steel alloys, Titanium Grade 5 sheet weighs much less with equal to better strength.

Titanium 6Al-4V Grade 5 Technical Information

Titanium Sheet 6Al-4V ELI Grade 23: Titanium 6Al-4V ELI (extra low interstitials) Grade 23 is a general purpose alpha-beta alloy variant that demonstrates high cycle fatigue strength. Often used in fracture critical applications, Grade 23 Titanium sheet is often used for medical implants and aerospace applications. This material is biocompatible, exhibits good fatigue strength, improved ductility, high tensile strength, and intermediate fracture toughness. Grade 23 Titanium sheet is also highly resistant to general corrosion in seawater and can be found in cryogenic applications.

Titanium 6Al-4V ELI Grade 23 Technical Information

Commercially Pure Titanium Sheet
Titanium Sheet Grade 1 CP 4  | UNS R50250 Titanium Sheet Grade 2 CP 3 | UNS R50400 Titanium Sheet Grade 3 CP 2 | UNS R50550 Titanium Sheet Grade 4 CP 1 | UNS R50700
  • ASTM B265 Gr 1, ASTM F67, ASTM B348 Gr 5, ASTM A582, ASTM F1472
  • AMS 4928, AMS 5643, AMS 6931
  • ASME SB348 Gr 5, MIL-STD 2154 Type 1 Class A, MIL-T 9047
  • EN 10204.3.1, ISO 5832-2 Grade 1
  • ASTM B265 Gr 2, ASTM F67
  • ASME SB265
  • EN 10204.3.1
  • AMS 4900
  • AMS-T-9046 CP 2
  • ASME SB265
  • ASTM B265, ASTM F67
  • EN 10204.3.1 | 5
  • AMS 4901
  • AMS-T-9046 CP 1
  • ASTM B265 Gr 4, ASTM F67
  • ASME SB265
  • EN 10204.3.1
Titanium Alloy Sheet
Titanium Sheet 6Al-4V Grade 5 | UNS R56400 Titanium Sheet 6Al-4V ELI Grade 23 | UNS R56407 Titanium Sheet Grade 7  | UNS R52400
  • AMS 4911, AMS-T-9046
  • ASTM B265 Gr 5, ASTM F1472
  • EN 10204.3.1
  • AMS 4907, AMS-T-9046
  • ASTM B265 Gr 23, ASTM F136
  • ASME SB265
  • ASTM B265
  • EN 10204:2005 3.1