World Titanium | Consumer Markets

World Titanium | Consumer Markets

World Titanium has been providing the world with best value specialty metals and titanium products since 1972. Below are examples of how Titanium is used for applications within the consumer marketplace.

We maintain a complete inventory of specialty metals and titanium mill products, offering  a wide variety of grades and sizes with lead times to satisfy your manufacturing needs.

Marine Applications

Titanium is used in consumer marine application for weight reduction and corrosion resistance.

A perfect environment for titanium to perform is in seawater.  Titanium it at it’s best in seawater due to the corrosion resistance of the metal.  Crevice corrosion, pitting, stress corrosion cracking, or microbiologically influenced corrosion  in seawater are not issues when titanium is the material of choice.

Marine applications of titanium include:

  • ship propellers
  • shipboard heat exchangers
  • piping systems
  • ballast systems
  • waste systems
  • tidal zone protection
  • shipboard hardware
  • tie-downs

Titanium is not just used on major commercial/military ships, but it is  found in various applications on fishing boats, deep sea submersibles and submarines.   Titanium has been designed into marine applications when engineers are looking for low maintenance costs and  reduced fuel consumption (due to weight reduction), to go along with the outstanding metallurgical properties associated with the metal.

Fashion and Apparel

Eyeglass frames, jewelry and watches are just some of the many fashion applications for titanium.

As the titanium industry evolved, it was only natural that the features and benefits of titanium would become more evident to the general population.  In these applications, titanium has been promoted as a metal that is light weight, durable, and fashionable.

One of the first products introduced to the consumer fashion marketplace back in the 1980’s was the titanium watch.  Another fashion accessories now being offered in titanium include eye glass frames of which the benefits include flexibility, light weight, comfort and are attractive.

Each day it seems that titanium is being designed into new applications in the fashion industry – including jewelry, in which it appears a mini industry is developing.  Products here would include wedding bands, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Generally, any piece of jewelry currently available in gold or silver, is now becoming available in titanium.

Sport Equipment


For some of the same reasons titanium is used in the aircraft industry, titanium is also utilized in the sporting goods market. The strength to weight ratio of titanium lends itself to products including tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, bikes, camping gear, and more.

For the same reasons that titanium is used in the aircraft industry and the industrial marketplace, it has also been identified as a metal of choice for sports equipment.

The strength to weight ratio has made titanium a great material choice in the sporting goods market where weight reduction is beneficial.  One of the first sporting goods applications for titanium occurred back in the 1990’s when titanium was used in the manufacturing of golf club heads.  Titanium’s light weight allowed for the design of a large head, hence creating a bigger “soft spot” to hit the ball, which results in a more accurate and longer distanced shot.

Titanium’s low modulus of elasticity combined with its strength and weight characteristics, make it a material of choice in the following sporting goods applications:

  • bicycle frames and components
  • tennis rackets
  • lacrosse sticks
  • skis
  • pool cue shafts
  • baseball bats
  • camping gear
  • snowshoes
  • hiking equipment
  • camping equipment
  • golf clubs

The airframe applications encompass a range of products that are utilized, including: