Specialty Metal Hollow Bar

Titanium, Copper, and Nickel Alloy Hollow Bar

Please find World Titanium’ available hollow bar products offered at locations worldwide. Available in Titanium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Copper Alloys, and more.

Hollow Bar Size Range: Min diameter: 2.500″/60.00 mm | Max diameter: 16.000″/500.00 mm

Titanium Hollow Bar

Commercially Pure Titanium

Grade 2 CP 3 | UNS R50400
Grade 4 CP 1 | UNS R50700

Titanium Alloys

6Al-4V Grade 5 | UNS R56400
6Al-4V Grade 5 STA | UNS R56400
7Al-4Mo | UNS R56740
Grade 7 | UNS R52400

Copper Alloy Hollow Bar

Copper Alloys:


Copper Alloy Hollow Bar

Copper Alloys:

625 | UNS N06625
718 | UNS N07718