Titanium Billet

Titanium Billet | Grade 2 | Grade 4 | 6Al-4V Grade 5

Titanium Billet products have round, square, or rectangular cross-sections, with an area equal to or greater than 16 square inches (103 cm squared). Billet can be made from either standard or premium quality ingots. Billet can be lathe-turned to a maximum length of 20 feet (6096 mm). World Titanium stocks titanium and other specialty metal billet at our global locations and have representatives available to speak with you regarding any of your custom requirements.

For nonstandard or larger Titanium Billet sizes, please contact us today.

Titanium Billet Size Range: Min diameter: 4.501″/114.33 mm | Max diameter: 20.000″/508.00 mm

Commercially Pure Titanium

Grade 2 CP 3 | UNS R50400 Grade 4 CP 1 | UNS R50700

Titanium Alloys

6Al-4V Grade 5 | UNS R56400 6Al-2SN-4ZR-6MO | UNS R56260
6Al-4V Grade 5 STA | UNS R56400 7Al-4Mo | UNS R56740
6Al-6V-2SN | UNS R56620 Grade 7 | UNS R52400
6Al-2SN-4ZR-2MO | UNS R54620