About Us

About World Titanium, Inc. – Global Metal Suppliers

World Titanium is the global leader in specialty metals supply for the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and oil & gas markets. Holding the world’s most complete inventory of specialty metals across a global service center network, World Titanium delivers supply solutions at all levels of sophistication and complexity. With a globally experienced and technically driven team, World Titanium has been providing dependable, quality driven service to our customers since 1972.

We maintain and continue to expand our state of the art processing and near net shape capabilities, such as water jet cutting, saw cutting, and shearing. We provide tailored supply chain solutions through our World Titanium Materials Management methodologies and Program Management competencies.

World Titanium’s award winning sales team has been providing dependable quality driven solutions to our customers since 1972. Our people are energetic, customer focused, and experienced. Each person throughout the World Titanium organization takes responsibility for reliably providing industry leading quality products and service to our customers. World Titanium takes these aspects seriously and is unwilling to compromise on these standards.

World Titanium continuously focuses on lean and process improvements while maintaining AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications at all locations worldwide. The Specialty Metals we supply are used in critical applications such as knee replacements, aircraft components, and off shore oil equipment. Quality is not an option, but an absolute necessity.